Owning a cake business is more than just delicious recipes and creative cake designs.You need to develop a loyal client list that will always order from you. Social media is an effective way of marketing, but a website is the easiest way to attract customers to your company selling cakes from home. Read more on how a Cake Website can increase Your profit!

  1. Its easier for your clients to find you online

You have a surprise birthday party to plan but you haven’t ordered a cake yet. Wouldn’t it be easy of you could just order a cake online and have it delivered to you?The first thing people do when they want to find out about anything is ‘Google it ‘. Thanks to google adwords your cake business website is more likely to show up on a Google results page than your Facebook business page. Pinch Africa sets up your website to show up on the first page of google learn more here.

2. You can track Deliveries and orders much quickly.

With an E-Commerce website, your clients have the capability to choose the exact type of cake they would like from the  flavor, size ,types of layers etc from the comfort of their home .So while you are busy in the kitchen you can get notified directly without the hustle and bustle of going back and forth on facebook comments with clients. With a website you will easily showcase your work in an organized portfolio, share prices and allow customers to contact you directly. We can create a portfolio page for you to showcase some of your best works. With a pricing page you won’t have to suffer with bargains from clients and you can also include a delivery fee charge at the add to cart page.

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3. Get more clients through reviews.

It is customary human nature to review a product before purchasing it online. People are more likely to purchase a product that has great reviews. Nobody wants to buy a cake that had too much icing and the wrong name plastered all over it. On a website reviews are dominantly placed on the home page. Get clients to write a short review or testimonial and post it on your website. Happy customers will help to drive more sales and trust in your delicious cakes.

4. Establish yourself as a leader through a Blog.

To humanize your Web site, we could include a blog page too. Here you can update your clients and potential customers on your latest cake designs, seasonal flavors or holiday special. You could also give out recipes and tips. People are always looking for solutions online and blogs always drive traffic to your website. Showing people you have experience in Cake making will make you their number one go-to for anything cake related . This will increase referrals which then turns leads into conversions. More clients for you! As your website designer we will add social links to the blog page , which then increases chances of visibility, hence putting you way ahead of your competitors. Pinch Africa is also an expert in digital marketing, we will give you enough time to handle orders by constantly updating your page and increasing your client list. Request a quote here.

So I hope that you’re now convinced to create your website , for more information you can contact us directly at infor.pinchafrica.co.ke. Visit our website to learn more about how we design websites and projects we have worked on .