Smart Ways you can use your website to Inspire Change

In Kenya the stigma that surrounds mental awareness is associated with ignorance and taboo and has increased rapidly over the years.  According to an article by business daily, The World Population Review ranks Kenya at position 114 among 175 countries with the highest suicide rate of at least 6.5 suicides per 100,000 people.  If you feel like the government is doing nothing to change this, there are ways you can use your website to inspire change and turn people into leads.

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3 reasons why your website needs a social media manager

Social media marketing is the new wave; it’s taking over Mainstream Media as more companies are working to build internal teams to handle functions such as social media marketing and data analytics to drive sales and traffic to their websites. 90% of all marketers say that social media marketing has increased their business exposure. Get on the band wagon and ditch old fashion methods like newspaper ads. Read more