Human beings are naturally visual creatures.The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, and ⅓ of all online activity is dedicated to watching videos. Social media is the father of all video related content and marketers have discovered a new way of engaging their customers through video marketing. If your company is struggling to get on board here is a quick guide to help you learn.

Over 500 million  people are watching videos on Facebook every day (via Forbes).But what does it take to actually capture your customers attention and convince them to purchase your product/service? Video Marketing is as simple as a-b-c.

  1. Produce Quality Content

The key to getting many viewers is producing high definition content that does the following things :

  • Captures attention
  • Evokes Emotion
  • Perceives Value
  • Has exquisite Clarity

Capturing your audiences attention is very hard, you need to ensure your video is well- thought out from the pre-production phase all the way to the post-production phase.Shooting and editing in HD with clear audio gives your video clarity. Video content generates 1200 more shares that text or images. This gives your brand visibility and visibility= more leads. Some ways you can capture attention is by adding text , your logo and call to action buttons on the video. Adding catchy music with a lively voice over is also guaranteed to ensure your audience is entertained.

You need to compel your audience into making a purchase by giving them the value of your product. You need to show them why they need your product/service and why they should pick you over your competitors. Pinch Africa’s Digital team ensures these 4 things are present in your video. Hire us to create content for your campaigns.

2. Increase your Engagement

If you have just started using Social Media marketing,its quite frustrating when your posts do not get as much engagement as you would like. It is a challenge most business accounts face. Social media is a science, figuring out what kind of content will engage each audience in different platforms is overwhelming. Video marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users because Sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos (via tubularinsights). Take a look at one of the videos we posted on Facebook. 

Watching a compelling presenter in a video can absolutely influence buying behavior and persuade a visitor to convert into a lead or a lead to convert into a customer! Video Marketing boosts sales for your company. Pinch Africa shot this video for one of our clients. If you would like one for your campaign click here to request a quote.

There you have it. A very simple guide for your video marketing campaigns. Pinch Africa are experts in Video production and Social Media Marketing. Let us help you boost your sales. To contact us call or whatsapp 0742 372149 or request directly from our website.