Visuals perform better than text based content across a wide range of media including social, website blog content as well as online advertisement. Here at Pinch Africa we have a proven track record of producing high quality digital designs fit for a wide range of purposes. Our digital design team work to our client spec to ensure the creative design is fit for purpose and outperforms competitors regardless of placement.


Human brains process visuals better than they process text. To take advantage of this in the digital world, infographics are a great tool which can convey large amounts of information in a simple and easily accessible format.

Our clients have seen engagement rates rise upwards of 23% when employing infographic content created by 8-Digital across their websites and social media. It’s also worth remembering that increased engagement indirectly contributes to improved SEO performance as it’s a way of showing Google that users interact well with your website!

Logo Design

Your business logo is at the forefront of your online presence and is essential to achieve the desired brand presence. Here at Pinch Africa we work on all aspects of your digital presence and have provided our clients with logo design services for over 8 years meaning we have an extensive knowledge of current trends